5104- Open for Biochemistry

“in response to Blog Post 3: Open Access”

I found it particularly hard to find an open access journal in Biochemistry. In my discipline, like other sciences, there really specific topic journals, like Nucleic Acids, and there are very diverse journals, Science or Nature. I have never heard of any Biochemistry journals that were open access. So, like any good scientist, I picked one randomly. Congratulations BCM Biochemistry! This journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal (duh) focused on biochemical processes, the structure, function and dynamics of metabolic pathways, supramolecular complexes, enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecular components of organelles, cells and tissues. All articles that are accepted are immediately available without subscription charges or registration barriers. BMC Biochemistry is one of 300 open access journal that are in the portfolio of Biomed Central, which is the open access arm of Springer. Biomed Central is based in the UK, and the section editors are from Italy, the UK, Germany, and Canada.

I know when talking about open access, it is almost sacrilegious to mention one of the three biggest pay-to-play publishers. But, I think it is interestingly that some of the more hardcore publishers are building open access communities. But, again I raise the problem that those open access journals are currently small and everyone would rather get a Science or Nature paper to have that shiny star on their resume.

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