5104- A Way Forward

What would want to change about higher education? I would want professors and administrators to embrace and adapt to change. I feel that most of college was just sitting there listening to the professor lecture at the student, which certainly was not the most effective way to reach me or my fellow students. In today’s world, there are new ways of thinking, teaching, and reaching out to students. Once, where only the student that could teach themselves the material would go on to high education, everyone and it seems like every entry level job requires a college degree. Students now are adept at using the interne to quickly find information, learn, and even chat with professionals electronically.  In higher education, it is no longer acceptable to be the “sage on the stage” and talk at students.  Faculty now need to guide students toward discovering the processes that will help them become lifelong learners, including problem solving, critical thinking, and the ability to apply their knowledge.  But, I see a great deal of resistance because traditional lectures are still the most common means of delivering information. I wrote my scholarly essay about blended learning and how that differs from traditional lectures. I am also not advocating for fully online course, which I also compared, because those come with their own problems.

Image result for change in higher ed graphic

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